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 Running trains again at last. August 2021.
With the easing of lockdown restrictions, on Saturday 14th August we were able to run trains for the first time since 2019. We were fortunate to have John Knight's amazing Shay in attendance and this is the outlook on the day. Compare this with the picture below.

 The track obstructed - Early 2021.
Earlier this year, owing to construction work for other leisure facilities in The Park at Newtown, access to the track and its evirons was somewhat restricted, so we would not have been able to run whatever. This is the situation in February. Subsequent to this the track itself was blocked by security fencing for a while. A large contrast with the scene above

Joining the Society

Membership of the Mid Wales Model Engineering Society is open to everyone. All you need is an interest in engineering! If you would like to join us we would be delighted to welcome you to the club. Please email the secretary for more information.

News and Running Dates for 2021


As you will know the situation rendered by the Covid 19 restrictions meant that we had to suspend operations as the format of our trains made social distancing almost impossible.

As you will note from the above, we have been able to run once more.

We aim to be running trains again on Saturday September 4th, from around 11:00 a.m and we are hoping to have John Knight's wonderful Shay in steam again.

Other dates will be announced when plans have been finalised.

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