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Links Page

Please note that hyperlinks included on this page are intended for the benefit and information of our visitors. We try to include links that will be helpful to those interested in Model Engineering. They do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation on our part, neither are we responsible for any of their content. We would stress that the list is not exhaustive.

Oswestry Model Engineering Society www.oswestry-mes.co.uk Our Neighbours in Shropshire
Newtown Town Council www.newtown.org.uk Official Website for Newtown
Dockstader Valve Gear Program www.billp.org/Dockstader/ValveGear.html Comprehensive Valve Gear Design for Windows
7 1/4" Gauge Society www.sevenandaquarter.org Website for one of the larger gauges
2 1/2" Gauge Association www.n25ga.org Complete contrast to the above!
Model Engineer www.model-engineer.co.uk The Magazine for Model Engineers
Model Engineering Website https://modelengineeringwebsite.com Free Online Weekly Magazine for Model Engineers
TEE Publishing www.teepublishing.co.uk Publishers of "Engineering in Miniature"
Camden Books www.camdenmin.co.uk Amazing selection of technical books
Lathes www.lathes.co.uk Useful resource & sales for all machine tools
Steam & Diesel Castings www.sadcastings.org.uk Castings and parts for modern traction models
A. J. Reeves www.ajreeves.com Wide range of model engineers supplies.
Maidstone Engineering www.maidstone-engineering.com More model engineers' supplies
Maxitrak www.maxitrak.com Supplier of Ready To Run locomotives
Home & Workshop Machinery www.homeandworkshop.co.uk Extensive supplier of engineering machines and tools
G & M Tools www.gandmtools.co.uk/index.php Suppliers of used hand and machine tools
Arduino http://arduino.cc Open Source Robotics/Electronics
Raspberry Pi www.raspberrypi.com Educational computer science project
Stapleford Miniature Railway www.fsmr.co.uk Famous 10 1/4" line in Leicestershire
The Ultimate Steam Page www.trainweb.org/tusp Information about Steam Traction
International Steam www.internationalsteam.co.uk Includes rail, stationary engines and steamships
Weldability Sif www.weldability-sif.com/pages/home.asp Sifbronze brazing & silver soldering materials
CuP Alloys www.cupalloys.co.uk Silver soldering and brazing supplies
The College Engineering Supply www.collegeengineering.co.uk Materials for Model Engineers
Surviving international steam www.steamlocomotive.com Details of steam worldwide.
UK Steam Car Club http://steamcar.net Full size steam cars
Kempton Park pumping engines www.kemptonsteam.org The biggest steam engines you could imagine
Tesla Coils www.extremeelectronics.co.uk And now for something completely different!
UK Rocketry Association www.ukra.org.uk It's engineering and - It is rocket science!
SARPA www.sarpa.info Rail users group for the Cambrian line.
Model bridges www.garrettsbridges.com Learn the basics of bridge building
Full Size Bridge Design http://bridgedesign.org.uk An introduction to bridge design
The Bridge Designer https://bridgedesigner.org Online educational software package
Berger Tools www.berger-tools.co.uk Tooling and useful engineering components
Tasman Industries www.ebay.co.uk/str/tasmanindustriesltd Engineering materials and parts

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